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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray? NO

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
This is so silly Sony’s CEO, Howard Stringer's remarks were taken Completely out of context.
Sony is fighting for Blu-Ray 110%.
Yeah. That is what he said. It has not been taken out of context. The most alarming statement he made was "But it doesn't mean as much as all that. PlayStation 3 will still go on playing games." He says that right after talking about it as a score. That's not winner talk.

They expected to win due to Studio Support, and then they were the first to lose a Studio, that's a massive loss and it has hurt (which he admitted). He also mentions that for SONY software is really important to them.

You don't think he noticed the 170,000 units that Transformers supposedly moved on HD DVD? That would be 300,000+ units for BD. That's a hard number not to look at and go, we "lost," that. In addition he has to wonder what titles SONY owns that could sell an additional 100,000+ units on HD DVD.

He also states the differences between the two units (and supports that they do cost more). He is making a play for why people should pay more. He also talks specifically about packaged goods and how neither format is being packaged with HDTV sales which are in the millions every month.

For one or both formats to really make it they have to start selling in numbers they are no where near now. Only one of them has had a good week in hardware and that was Toshiba and we all know the story behind that.

A move by Stringer to bring "neutrality," to the front would take time. If all the studios started releasing on both formats, that move wouldn't happen until at the earliest next Spring or Summer. Most likely in the Summer.

What does BD have going for it with that deal? In that time frame we will see two things:

Likely a $149 or $199 HD DVD player MSRP.
Likely the first sub $300 BD player at $249 MSRP.

For $100 more (instead of twice as much or more) people will be able to buy a BD player. Sony themselves plan on a $299 player for next Summer. At that price point, and with a neutral front, consumers will start buying. Many who think quality does matter over price will buy BD.

That's not a bad "battle," to fight especially when you consider that by the time that rolls around he'll have over 15M PS3s in NA, not to mention likely 1M standalone BD players.
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