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Default Re: Joni Mitchell's new album?

I think it's good, but not great. The Sound is quality is great. I was kind of shocked that she even did a new set of recordings. I don't think she needs to drum into our heads we
(age group from the 50s, 60 and early 70s) blew it by singing , "PARKING LOT / BIG YELLOW TAXI" again... I have been in love with Joni from the first time I saw her back in Phily Pa. at a place called the 2nd Fret on Samson Street, a few days before her first album came out - in fact she played, and then Arlo and Alice's came out . Also I think she has talked about this . I am THE GUY AT THE 'ATLANTIC CITY ROCK FEST', THAT YELLED OUT, I WAS YELLING THAT WE COULD NOT HEAR HER AND THE SOUND PEOPLE SHOULD TURN UP THE SOUND FOR HER. SHE WALKED OFF , SO SHE TOLD HER MANAGER AT THE TIME NO MORE BIG OUTDOOR CONCERTS. NO MATTER WHAT BS IS HANDED DOWN, now THAT IS A FACT . I WORKED AT THE MAIN POINT ON THE MAIN LINE IN PHILA PA AREA ALSO . I COULD NEVER GET TO SAY I WAS SORRY FOR YELLING OUT . BUT I LOOK AT IT, THIS WAY NOW , WE WOULD NOT HAVE THE SONG "WOODSTOCK" WOULD WE , if it was not for my big mouth (Joni would have gone to a REALLY big show, in Bethel, NY). And I am not really proud that I yelled at her like I did , but the crowd could not hear her, I was up front and I had a big mouth and was LOUDER THEN EVERYONE ELSE WHO WANTED TO HEAR HER SING. SO I YELLED OUT ! So anyway I am still in love with Joni, but I am not ready for that taxi ride and I don't want to be told again by anyone else how we blew it and ruined the mother earth etc.. LUKE
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