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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by oscar_in_fw View Post
I'll agree Warner going exclusive would end this war; provided that format is Blu-Ray. Both I expect Sony/Fox/Disney are staunch Blu-ray supporters and won't go down easily. All three of these major studios are producing Blu-rays which cannot be easily transferred to HD DVD because of the storage/bandwidth limitations; said limitations being the public reason why Disney selected Blu-ray. Plus Region coding/BD+ are pluses for these studios.

Also, it would be premature to judge a probable HD-A2 closeout sale as a turning point in the format war. It could simply be a desperate move or a let's dump all the HD DVD players before Toshiba gives up the fight after Christmas. How many A2s/A3s are available for sale and at what price ? Can they duplicate this sale on Black Friday or other weekends the rest of the year ? Or will the $98 HD DVD player owner be shy about buying $30 HD DVDs ? or will he/she be upset when they find out it won't play the Sony/Fox/Disney Blu-rays ?
Oscar the war is officially a "Stalemate," and the size limitations are about to be obsolete. The 51GB discs on HD DVD are in the works. Universal has some titles that will be the first to test the 51GB limits.

HD DVD software sales were really strong after the weekend (and during it) so it's simple to say that they new owners had no problem buying the $30 HD DVDs. Wal-Mart and Best Buy are having trouble stocking the more popular titles in some areas.

If Warner goes exclusive to HD DVD it would end this war. It would be a major sign that HD DVD will be around a long time, and it would be the start of seeing other Studios start hedging their bets with HD DVD.

Still we may see Sony go neutral in a way of trying to end the "war," aspect of the format differences.
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