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Default Re: Tweeter Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Tweeter closing is sad, and a sign of the times. Here in N.Y. Tower Records, (where you can just about find anything) is just about to close. Due to the downloading, copying, burning of todays market place. Sure, they were a little pricier than the rest, but if you could not find a piece of music, Tower had it. And just like Andrew and Strutter mentioned, Tower did have staff that knew the music, was polite, and engaged in conversation with you.

I have a couple of Best Buys and Circuit Cities around me here. And most definitely, with a few exceptions of the rare audio manager, the sales staff knows next to nothing.
I feel for Tweeter and stores like it. The Listening Room here in Scarsdale saw that the high end retail business was slowing down, so, they closed up the shop, rented a house, where now most of thier business is consultations and custom installation.
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