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Default Re: Is Miles Davis - Kind of Blue the best SACD ever

The Dual Disc is very good also. Like i said in my other note this might be my fav recording of all time . I love T. Monk and A couple of Sun Ra Albums and then there is TIME OUT Dave Brubeck Quartet SACD . But I always go back to KOB . Its one a few sets of records , SGT PEPPER AND ABBEY RD, BLONDE ON BLONDE just to name a few that i have to say , like a fine painting , just a walk throught time , and the gallery of the mind of the artist. Kind of Blue is one of them. TUTU is not bad on DVD-A also.. i almost forgot
JORMA KAUKONEN'S BLUE COUNTRY HEART SACD.. On one of the songs you can hear the dog out in the yard BARK , if your system is good and your eyes have held up over time . LUKE

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