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Smile Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by oscar_in_fw View Post
I'll agree Warner going exclusive would end this war; provided that format is Blu-Ray. Both I expect Sony/Fox/Disney are staunch Blu-ray supporters and won't go down easily. All three of these major studios are producing Blu-rays which cannot be easily transferred to HD DVD because of the storage/bandwidth limitations; said limitations being the public reason why Disney selected Blu-ray. Plus Region coding/BD+ are pluses for these studios.

Also, it would be premature to judge a probable HD-A2 closeout sale as a turning point in the format war. It could simply be a desperate move or a let's dump all the HD DVD players before Toshiba gives up the fight after Christmas. How many A2s/A3s are available for sale and at what price ? Can they duplicate this sale on Black Friday or other weekends the rest of the year ? Or will the $98 HD DVD player owner be shy about buying $30 HD DVDs ? or will he/she be upset when they find out it won't play the Sony/Fox/Disney Blu-rays ?
A person that bought a 98.00 HD DVD player is the same person buying $40.00 (sometimes $50) Wii Games (My son is already reserving his copy of Super Mario Galaxy) - they won't be shy about a $30 Hd-DVD. Most people buying HD-DVD's know that they will not play Sony/Fox/Disney Blu-rays (that's why they're called HD-DVD and Blu-rays are call Blu-... aw you get the picture LOL). But seriously, I've lived on both sides of the fence - the high-end audio/videophile with 3000.00 speakers and such and I've been in the depths of consumer depression. I'm now at a mid-point - I go for the best bang for the buck and look at the point of diminishing returns. If I could find a $200 or $150 blu-ray player would I buy it - in a heartbeat. I can't see spending $400 (that would be for the PS3 - we are Wii fans and Xbox 360 fans in my house). A ps3 just for blu-ray uhhh - no. The price of the PS3 lets me know that blu-ray is well over priced. So I will enjoy the available HD-DVD titles and just upscale titles like Cars and Ratatouille from regular DVD - we htpc freaks have been doing this for years, but with the A2, I don't have to even go through my PC at all. I'm satisfied.
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