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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
In the case of HD-DVD and Blu-ray I believe the Hardware will sell the software. It's been over a week since the "dumping" sale and HD-DVD titles are clearing the racks at Walmart - even the higher priced ones. The Blu-ray titles are still on the shelves not even touched. When you get to the 200.00 price point, people don't care about paying 30.00 for a movie. This is one of the reasons Wii is doing so well. My son bought a Wii for 248.00 and buys 40.00 games without winking. Hardware can sell software. My video card made me purchase Vista (as soon as Nvidia came out with purevideo HD for XP I reverted back - and won't go back to Vista until SP1).

Once the hardware is in the homes the software will sell. The Blu-ray stalemate is as good as saying lets call a truce so the massive bleeding can stop (on both sides). I listened to a podcast from one of Sony's reps and they said that its possible to sell blu-ray hardware at the same low prices as HD-DVD but they just won't do it. They admit that the building cost of both units are almost identical - Blu-ray uses a better more complex optical device but they also admit that HD-DVD contains a better high-end processor for video, so prices wash out. They just refuse to sell them at a low price. I'm purchasing more HD-DVD titles than ever now (once I saw Happy Feet - which is 1080p capable I was hooked - but I view in 720p - I can do 1080p via my computer). Warner or Disney could end this war by going exlusive HD-DVD or if Disney goes neutral - that would end the war.
I'll agree Warner going exclusive would end this war; provided that format is Blu-Ray. Both I expect Sony/Fox/Disney are staunch Blu-ray supporters and won't go down easily. All three of these major studios are producing Blu-rays which cannot be easily transferred to HD DVD because of the storage/bandwidth limitations; said limitations being the public reason why Disney selected Blu-ray. Plus Region coding/BD+ are pluses for these studios.

Also, it would be premature to judge a probable HD-A2 closeout sale as a turning point in the format war. It could simply be a desperate move or a let's dump all the HD DVD players before Toshiba gives up the fight after Christmas. How many A2s/A3s are available for sale and at what price ? Can they duplicate this sale on Black Friday or other weekends the rest of the year ? Or will the $98 HD DVD player owner be shy about buying $30 HD DVDs ? or will he/she be upset when they find out it won't play the Sony/Fox/Disney Blu-rays ?
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