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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
I think if you are looking 5 years down the road that you just missed 5 years of excellent video quality.

What's the answer? Dual combi players? Dual disc? Studio releases on both formats? One unified format that leaves the other half hanging with no software? Or continue with both formats and in 5 years something better will be here anyway and maybe once again they will have learned a lesson and unify.

Right now, I personally think that the players and software are overpriced for the average consumer at $500.00.
I think Toshiba proved that price is the issue with a lot of buyers. $98 seemed to have moved a lot of players. HD DVD is really enjoying swift software sales right now. I just got a Samsung Combo player and went to Wal-Mart and Best Buy looking for titles to test on this sucker.

Both lacked in the HD DVD department and when I asked I was told "We just can't keep the good titles in stock right now, we had this big sale the other weekend on the player and since then our discs haven't been able to keep up with demand."

For me the solution may be this combo player. I have to give it back to Samsung but I should know if it's what I want. I can then get myself a unit.
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