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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by spearl8 View Post
If people are afraid of picking the losing side and having outdated software in 5 yrs, then sign up for netflix and get your movie rentals. You really are missing out on awesome technology that blows away DVD. We are the people that need to be the first to adopt the new technology.
Yeah, but you know what, this is why its taking me so long to make a decision. Also why Andrew is tired of all the Blu-Ray nonsense with firmware updates and such. And even kennyt is saying, its great that the HDDVD players, just work, period.

I don`t know, where is it written, that because we are in the so-called high end community, that we are expected to deal with this stuff. This is the same foolishness that for years, has kept more people out. At the end of the day, its about enjoying your music and now movies. Whether by yourself, with your friends, wife, or family. No drama at all, should be associated with buying or renting a movie, that could halt the enjoyment. Its ridiculous. Push play, and be done with it. Even myself, I just want to watch a movie. Period!!
Didn`t Mary J. Blige say - No More Drama!!
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