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Default Re: Tweeter Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

I'm from a small town with no audio video stores (except walmart and kmart)
i have to travel 40+ miles to get to a bestbuy (not magnolia) or circuit city and 60 miles to get to a tweeter. but never have had a problem with traveling that distance to tweeter when i was in the market for higher end gear than available at BB or CC. i only shop BB or CC when i know what i want and have no need for salesmen. at those places i always feel like i'm training the staff. i always liked the smaller atmosphere, less crowds, more personalized attention, knowledgeable staff and selection of product at tweeter. i think the impending loss of tweeter is a huge blow to the consumer desiring highly trained and knowledgeable sales people as well a place to view products not available at the big box stores.

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