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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Great moniker BTW! Welcome to the forum!

What part of Florida are you in?

I agree with you to a degree, but only time will tell. I have many friends who have bought into one of the formats, and many have chosen Blu-ray, even without my advice. These folks are buying software. I am a from the start Blu-ray guy, maybe the only one ion the magazines staff that is, but lately that loyalty has been waning. I am now neutral as my HD DVD players WORK!

Andrew Robinson has said it to me many times, and I sort of dismissed it. He just wants it to work! You know, I grow to respect him more and more the better I get to know him, and he's right again on this one. My HD DVD players WORK. No need for firmware updates to play the latest releases, and when you put the two side by side, often it comes down to software, and frankly many HD DVD's are done better than Blu-ray.

Take the included Fifth Element, the original transfer was so poor Sony rereleased it and GAVE it to all prior owners! This has never happened before......

I don't know how or if this 'war' will end, but like Iraq, I am tired of the fighting. I just want it to be over and move on.....
And you know kennyt, that is all I`ve been saying all the while. The notion that because we are high end audio/videophiles and we should come to expect firmware updates and the like, is crazy.

Lets hit the power button, put in your HD DVD disc because the player works, and hit play. Grab your drink and snacks, and lets get it on.
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