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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

The Denon receivers are MUCH IMPROVED with the graphical user interface. They also sound really good.

Andrew Robinson RAVED about the sound of the Yamaha surround fields - comparing them to his MUCH MORE expesnive Meridian which is what I use.

Onkyo has had good success with HDMI switching so far. My review staff seem to love them.

Two dark horses: Emotiva (the house brand for an OEM company that makes a lot of VERY high end preamps) and Outlaw. Both aren't really trick with the HDMI switching but they are deeply discounted and often offer upgrade paths.

Last sleeper is Sherwood who also is a big OEM brand. I think these receivers are VERY solid. Our music reviewers use them.

I hope this helps!!!!

Jerry Del Colliano
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