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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by spearl8 View Post
If people are afraid of picking the losing side and having outdated software in 5 yrs, then sign up for netflix and get your movie rentals. You really are missing out on awesome technology that blows away DVD. We are the people that need to be the first to adopt the new technology.

Exactly! Why people continue to wait is beyond me, and for an installer to suggest to their clients not to adopt a playback format (HD-DVD or Blu-Ray) be cause is may one day be obsolete is incredible! Other then my speakers, most everything else in my HT system gets upgraded regularly.

Come on, spent $1000's or maybe $10,000's on a home theater and only play back regular DVD's to save what, somewhere between $100-500!!! Hmmmm, faulty logic to me.

Not only does the current HD offering make every title you watch on them look better, but it takes advantage of all of the rest of the money spent on the entire system!

As spearl8 said, if you don't want to buy titles, don't, just rent but not to enjoy what the current technology has to offer, or sit on the fence and wait and it will be your loss.
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