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Default PS3 Blu-ray audio (bitstream and linear pcm)

For those of you who have tried out the Blu-ray on the PS3, I am sure
you have been exposed to all sorts of acronyms like DTS Digital Surround,
DTS-HD, DTS-HD MA, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Linear PCM, and all sorts
of formats that can fit inside a Blu-ray disc.

It may get confusing on what is compatible, and how to make a certain
format work on the PS3.

Well, I have some good news, a very concise webpage has been created that
provides this info:

Not only that it details the DTS-CD (DTS 5.1 music disc), SA-CD, HDCD, and
DVD Audio.

What I would be interested in is if someone would comment on it if they
have experience in using the PS3 with the next generation audio and video formats.
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