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Default Re: Big Blu-Ray movie sale

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
and maybe the music industry will drop CD prices to $8 and make downloading a thing of the past...
I, for one, can't believe that they haven't dropped the price over the years. Dvd's are a much better bang for the buck than cd's. If you got the audio and video I could understand the price and I think that is what BD and HD DVD will offer us. We just need head units in our cars that will play at least the audio from the disk or you will have to go the hard drive route or continue to buy BD/HD DVD and CD's and/or downloads (multiple formats of the same item).

Downloading won't go away because it is more convenient, but hopefully better sound quality from the downloads and players alike. If we had a I-pod like device that was restriction free that I could hold all of my music and copy it to my car and main system that had quality sound I would be in, but I am still holding out.
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