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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

In response to Tigeraudio. The issue isn't having two different kinds of players, it's buying software that may someday be unplayable.
If I buy into Blu ray and 5 years from now, when my $99 blu ray player (yes someday they will be only $99) is no longer working, will I be able to replace it to play my collection of software? Or will I have to go and re-purchase these treasures on a different format.
Maybe people are not ready to move on from S-DVD. It hasn't been around all that long. Maybe it has only run it's course from the view-point of the consumer electronic companies and Hollywood, who wants everyone to go out and re-purchase their favorites on a new format, on a new machine.
I for one do not see that much of a difference in Hi def vs standard def, when you factor in the cost of purchasing a new monitor.
I am one of many, who are waiting this war out. I WILL NOT buy into a format that might be the next BETA, SACD, DVD-Audio, DIVX disc (remember those), Mini disc, DCC cassette, etc.
I also think that the industry is fighting another battle, and that is with respect to what the consumer wants. I think the sales of thin TVs has more to do with style and pleasing the wife with a smaller footprint, than it does with better performance. We are living in a download, disposable society. The youth of our society are not interested in quality. They are into what's "cool" and when it no longer is, they delete it. If a recording artist is no longer in vogue (Britney Spears), it's easy to just delete tracks off of their iPod.
I think video will go the same way. Compressed downloads that can be deleted to make room for the newest High School Musical.
This is just my disillusioned, disappointed view. I wish that the consumer electronics industries would learn from the past, and only come to market with a unified effort. But alas, this is the epitomie of consumerism and in the end it works. We just have to be patient and jump in when we're ready.
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