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Default Re: Sony VPL VW50 "Pearl" 1080p Projector Review

Originally Posted by Kevin Miller View Post
Hi TomKemp,

As with any projector the screen is a kkey part of the system. Given the Pearl's light output capability I would recommend a Stewart Grayhawk Reference screen at 80-inches wide (92 diagonal). if you go any larger than that use a Stewart StudioTek 130 for a little extra pop. I would not go any large than a 100-inch diagonal though in order light output and contrast ratio. Neither one of these screens at these sizes will be 3 to 4K unless you are talking masking drop down with tensioning. If you are going to go with a fixed screen, which is better any way it willl cost a lot less.
Sorry, don't mean to importune, but i type right now on a 110" Carada Brilliant White 1.3 gain (yeah, $800 screen with 5 inch alumimum borders, match that Stewart) using a much weaker light output projector the HC5000 which has about 600 lumens on various tests. The lights are on but dimmed so i can see my keyboard, and the image is crystal clear.

I am sure the Pearl can handle up to 120" without problems, others correct me if i am wrong.
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