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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
"It's obvious that sales are either hurting because people don't care about the performance increase (hard to believe) or they don't like the format war. I really think a lot of people aren't buying in either because they don't want to pick a loser."

Perhaps this is a bit off topic, but at what screen size does HD or BD become noticeably better than SD. If you have less than an x" display, then does a high definition format make any difference to you? What size displays are selling.

I have Dish Network at my current location. The unit sends an HD feed to my HT with 110" screen. It also sends another signal to a 2nd location in SD. The 2nd TV is a 30 inch tube HDTV. I can record in High Def and watch it on the 2nd TV, but it won't be in High Def. So for local channels I can do that and switch back and forth from the Receiver feed to OTA feed and compare. The difference is actually quite noticable on a small screen.

The problem is DVDs look a lot better than that Receiver. So it's hard to say exactly. I know some people claim you can't tell the difference between a 720p and 1080p on TVs smaller than a certain size. I swear I can see the difference.

The real question is, for the common consumer who took so long to buy HDTV, is it a big enough improvement over SD for them?

Remember we're talking about the downloading music crowd.
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