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Default Re: Kenwood KRF-X9992D

Everything looks fine. Your speaker connections look a bit twisted and weak, but nothing that would prevent sound from at least near the full volume. The problem sounds like a receiver internal power amp issue. You said it originally worked and then stopped. Forget all your components being connected. Just use the tuner insider the receiver as your test reference. Does that emit full volume to your speakers? If not, the preamp in your unit may have gone out. You can also try disconnecting your speakers and trying to reconnect just the front left and right speakers. Obviously, make sure that your speakers are connected in phase (ie: check all your wire connections). Is there a headphone jack? Can you try using a pair of headphones and see if there is volume there? I am not familiar with the functions of this receiver, but like KennyT said, make sure all the settings on the receiver are at default or normal. There may be a muting switch, midnight viewing setting, or something. Unlikely, but just double check. After all that, I would have to conclude that the receiver is kaput. Sorry.
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