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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
Has Blu-ray really been receiving better reviews? There are so many problems with the format "lack of" standard, I find that hard to believe. The compression scheme that Blu-ray uses does have a higher bitrate, but a subpar to HD DVD, compression alogrithm.

As for ratings, it is all subjective. Someone who loves a movie will give it a higher rating than someone who hated the movie. Same goes for quality. Someone who knows what they are talking about will be more critical of the quality versus someone who only is seeing the surface.

PS3 sales are not that low. But what I am referring to is that profit margin. Sony takes a loss on each PS3 sold (ie: it cost more to make it than what it is selling for). They do this in hopes of taking the lead and phasing out the competition. The prices will have to go up afterwards to make up for some of the losses, and because there is no longer a competitor.

Neither HD nor Blu-ray is doing what was originally expected. It is not just HD DVD.

Of course consumer's don't like war. It has become especially difficult after the past wars, which have made typically early adopters more of fence sitters.

In the end, the technology is too expensive (as consumers are used to $99 or less even DVD players that work) and the players and technology are not reliable and take too long to load and play.

I'm not certain that one technology by merger would benefit consumers. It would be a further delay in the re-building and integrating of both technologies. Basically starting all over again. And if one format eliminates the other then prices are going to go up again.

I don't see what the big deal about having both formats really is. For about $500 to $600 you can buy a player in both formats and then who cares which title is on which format, you have both players. I have 2 players and they both work, load discs in under 2 minutes and look great.
Sorry when I said HD in general I was referring to both formats. They're both well under their original and subsequent estimations.

I don't think they want to merge, it's too late for that now. I think they want to take the war out of the equation. The only way to do that is neutrality. Perhaps it will be hardware only at first, but that isn't really the issue to consumers. It's the software...
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