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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Sony could have ended the war before it started - why now?

Blu-ray and HD DVD discs are content specific. Some look great. Others don't. I can cite examples from both formats that are good and bad.

I don't see Sony throwing in the towel at this point but I could see the HD DVD camp offering an olive branch to end this. The studios might also lean on Sony to agree.
Stringer has always been a pretty decent guy going back to his days at CBS. He wasn't the CEO at the time of BD in R&D. He's had some serious problems with the PS3 and even attacked the guy who was behind that.

His speech the other night wasn't the same song Sony has been singing, but a whole new tune.

It's obvious that sales are either hurting because people don't care about the performance increase (hard to believe) or they don't like the format war. I really think a lot of people aren't buying in either because they don't want to pick a loser.

If Sony and Toshiba can find a way for there to be no loser, people may start buying.
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