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Default Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Howard Stringer gave a speech on Thursday.

In it he made some claims that shocked a lot of people including that if he had it all to do over again he would have agreed to the merger of HD DVD and BD. If he could merge them today he would. He also said that the whole fight has become a matter of prestige for the two companies and that the whole war "doesn't mean as much as all that."

While he's suggesting it's not important who wins, and he did mention that BD isn't leading like it was before (which he blamed on Paramount/Dreamworks), he also laid some hints that this war may be coming to an end.

Behind the scenes he has made some pretty big moves. Including opening the possibility that Sony will make a HD DVD player. An olive branch is being offered to Toshiba.

For HD to succeed the "war," has to end. That doesn't mean there can't be two formats but the fighting must come to a stop. Howard Stringer has seen this and may be moving towards some kind of peaceful solution.

From what I've heard it might start with Sony going neutral and requesting Toshiba to do the same. Does this mean the Studio will go neutral? I think they may well be considering it.

Sony may be thinking that if they can make an "even," playing field they will win because they have the better technology. That people would choose to spend a little more for a better presentation (on average).

If Howard keeps going down this path and they actually do go neutral then all I have to say is Howard Stringer is the man!
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