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Default Re: Disney Blu-ray discs...a 20 minute ordeal

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I recently purchased Ratatouille on Disney Blu-ray and while I am no stranger to load times the disc itself took nearly 20 minutes to load, get past the previews and start playing. While I like and enjoy the interactivity of the HD discs I don't like the fact that it costs me nearly a fifth of the film's total running time to enjoy them. Spiderman 3 was no different.

Beyond the consumer annoyance of having to wait, companies should think about the potential consumer contemplating the purchase of a Blu-ray or HD DVD player only to have to wait ten to twenty minutes to see what all the fuss is about. Not a strong sales pitch if you ask me.

I don't want to spark yet another Blu-ray vs HD DVD debate but the longest I've been made to wait for a HD DVD is roughly two minutes.

How long does it take for you to do this and skip past the previews?

I've known of Disney putting a lot of previews on certain discs before.
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