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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
That's why I read AVRev and have since it was Audio Revolution. I get opinions from AVREV that I respect. I also respect that they don't rate their products with exception of software. I wish their software reviews were full of the same downsides and conclusions as their equipment reviews, but I accept it.

Its really good to see these kind words up here. I can't really tell you the whole back story but I PROMISE you I have cut more than one AV manufacturer off at the knees for trying to curry favor with us - the WRONG way. In fact one high end electronics manufacturer is on my list of 9 BANNED companies for offering me a bribe. After all I did for this guy when I was at Cello LA - he should be ASHAMED of himself. He wanted me NOT to run a review of a product that broke 3 times on me or to ignore that fact. And of course I ran the sucker - specifically because I wanted to protect the interests of my readers FIRST. Its good to see a long term reader understands what we do behind the scenes.[/QUOTE]

The only reviews I can actually suffer to tell people are worth reading are AVREV and 6moons. Unfortunately 98% of the people that ask me that question would have no idea who the companies are that are being reviewed over at 6moons. Still I respect what you both do and have for a long time.

That has always been a tough question for me. Because the majority don't understand what a company is willing to do to make sure a review is a "certain way," and I've noticed on many occassions that I thought "I bet ______ didn't like that review!" So I respect AVREV for it even when I question some of your downsides or conclusions. I always find I resepct the opinion and sometimes go out and listen a 2nd time or view a 2nd time.

One thing though that was brought up recently and was something I never put any real thought into. You reviewed the JVC RS1 and said color reproduction wasn't that good. You made the review on a gray screen. Someone asked me if that would make a difference. I honestly don't know and never thought about it. Right off the bat I'd think it would affect them in some manner, but I'm sure the screen manufacturers already thought of that and combat the issue in some manner.

It's a question I've been meaning to ask.
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