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Default Kind words about

That's why I read AVRev and have since it was Audio Revolution. I get opinions from AVREV that I respect. I also respect that they don't rate their products with exception of software. I wish their software reviews were full of the same downsides and conclusions as their equipment reviews, but I accept it.[/QUOTE]


Its really good to see these kind words up here. I can't really tell you the whole back story but I PROMISE you I have cut more than one AV manufacturer off at the knees for trying to curry favor with us - the WRONG way. In fact one high end electronics manufacturer is on my list of 9 BANNED companies for offering me a bribe. After all I did for this guy when I was at Cello LA - he should be ASHAMED of himself. He wanted me NOT to run a review of a product that broke 3 times on me or to ignore that fact. And of course I ran the sucker - specifically because I wanted to protect the interests of my readers FIRST. Its good to see a long term reader understands what we do behind the scenes.
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