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Default Re: Sony VPL VW50 "Pearl" 1080p Projector Review

I believe the VPL-VW200 is going to be selling for a retail price of $13K however, I would expect that number to drop to around $10K soon, seeing as how the original "Ruby" was $9,999.00 retail.

As for my Pearl I haven't decided just yet how much to list it for but I suspect it will be somewhere around $3K if not $3K. I only have about 600 hours on the bulb thus far and have owned it for a little less than a year. I've seen new ones selling for $4-$4,500.00 and the used market seems to be about $3,500. We'll see. Hopefully I can get my hands on a VPL-VW200 by the new year but Sony isn't making any promises.

While the Pearl isn't the brightest projector out there if you can control the light in the room, it's one of the best. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with my Pearl other than the fact that it doesn't have 120Hz MotionFlow technology which I can now no longer live without. I love it so.

Also, the Pearl is very placement friendly (so long as the lens is dead center of the screen horizontally. It has quite a generous vertical lens shift as well as a great deal of keystoning room to let you play. If you can mount the projector center of the screen you'll get all that the Pearl has to offer.
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