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Default Re: Playstation 3 Price cut rumor

Well, I got home from call this weekend and decided it's time to compare....

Sony PS3 (firmware 1.94) vs Sony BDP-S1, both connected to a Meridian HDMax 421 HDMI switcher with identical Monster 1000 HDMI cables. The PS3 connected by a cheap Toslink cable (only one I own, I prefer coaxial) and the Sony via a Stealth Fineline MkII digital coaxial cable to my Meridian 861....

Well, while I like the PS3 for a game, it is a definite step behind the BDP-S1 for video, having lessor contrast and edge detail when compared to the stand alone player. The image looked much more natural from the BDP-S1 than the PS3 as well. Colors seemed better as well.

For audio, I must first say I am using a cheap Toslink cable on the PS3 and a decent silver coaxial cable on the BDP-S1, but the bass was far better on the BDP-S1.

My vote....

PS3 will get you into the game, and let you play games to boot, but I suspect when you decide, you'll be happier with a free standing Blu-ray player.
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