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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...


I was able to work with Richard & Damian at PurePower APS, a couple of great guys that helped me measurably. They looked at the power that was being drawn and made the recommendation to go from two 700ís to [1 each - 700 for one of the VTL MB450 power amp and the rest of my equipment (Sony DVD, Lexicon MC12B, Cox cable DVR, Sony 2 channel for side & rear speakers, Revox reference CD & Nad Turner.]. [ 1 each 1050, that I use for the other two VTL MB 450ís and my Pioneer Elite Plasma.]

The issue was that the MB 450 draw a tremendous amount of power when initially powering up. Richard called it the surge power and they would trip the power regeneratorís circuit protection when I would turn them on at the same time. So now I just turn on one at a time and allow the caps on the amps to fill before turning on the next one.

I also have two 20 amp dedicated circuits coming into my equipment room. I run the regenerators off those circuits and the air conditioning unit off the regular power line coming into the equipment room. The issue in Phoenix during the summer is the power browns or drops, even with dedicated lines and if you want pure power you need a regenerator system.

Bottom line Ken Ė Call Audiophile APS (519-624-9735) and tell him your unique situation that you are trying to solve. Richard, Damian or one of the associates, will make a recommendation for your needs. I know that if you place the PurePower regenerator on one of your amps or video that you will hear or see (video) a marked difference. Iíve experienced this difference and itís hugh! It has the WOW factor, as it allows your expensive equipment to work at their capabilities.

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