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Default Re: Sony VPL VW50 "Pearl" 1080p Projector Review

The Sony projector to have now is the Bravia VPL-VW200. The follow up to the "Ruby". It has 120Hz and MotionFlow technology (a personal favorite) as well as an Anamorphic lens setting for those of us who lust after the CineCurve screens. While the "Black Pearl" is a great projector the VW200 is such a huge step up. It is the Qualia 004 to the once mighty "Ruby". I have requested one for review and will buy the review unit as soon as it arrives. For sale: One Sony Pearl projector as soon as my VW200 shows up.
What suggested price? Oh... and how much will you be seeling your Pearl for?

I'm right now planning the new upgrade. 720p single-chip DLP has enslaved me long enough. And since I review for, it's been a drag having to haul my 1080p BDs over to my friend's house to use his JVC HD2K for review sessions. I need my 1080p!

It's gotta be under 5K (the price I pay). Preferrably well under 5K. I want pristing 1080p. I want good color, bright, and inky blacks. I will NOT watch 2001 in 1080p with a gray star-field.

Screen is the Dalite hipower which does best when the PJ is as close to eye-level as possible. Any PJs that don't have to be at the top/bottom of the screen but rather can be adjusted to be "center" mounted (vertically)? Looking for input.... thanks!

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