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Default Re: DVD-A Available Again: Read About BSM Now

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Did anything ever come of these rereleases of DVD-Audio discs?
Sorry to say, BSM has been a letdown. I think they are just blowing smoke, not realizing what it truly takes to deliver.

There are some existing DVD-A titles you can buy there ( but it has not expanded beyond what they put up at the end of Summer 2007. Some were taken down rather than fix the broken order links.

Recent events such as Alan Parsons (see for details) and Sony booth at SEMA (thousands of people and I'm the ONLY one mentions surround and the new SACD head unit) got me to accept that we are in a lull until new formats emerge.

One the one hand they believe DVD-A & SACD to be dead formats (although still 100% technically viable); on the other, they fall for silly crap like MVI with ringtones! So the labels do not have the cognitive ability to recognize what has merit.

I burned my first 5.1 DVD-A of my projects last week so I'll keep busy with that in the meantime.
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