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Default Re: Do you shop on "Black Friday"?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I do not shop on Black Friday nor will I shop in ANY shopping Mall of any kind.

With our offices on Rodeo Drive (1/2 block away) I stick with indie stores as much as I can. Its hard to avoid Best Buy but Wal-Mart and those types both my wife and I skip. We are willing to pay a little extra to support local businesses.
I have ways of buying just about anything at cost in the AV world so I have no need to shop for expensive gear on Black Friday. I rarely hear of great software deals that don't last the entire weekend. Plus they overstock on titles for the weekend anyway.

I made friends with the manager of my closest Best Buy and in years past I just order a giant number of titles from them and he gets me a big discount. I just go in and pick the package up and it takes me about 10 minutes.

Sure beats waiting 30 minutes to an hour for a cashier and dealing with the masses.
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