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Default Re: HD DVD wins the format war!

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I'm waiting for their player top come out.... We were all hoping they might have made an anouncement @ CEDIA but no luck!

FWIW I reprogrammed the switcher and it is functioning well again, tolerating both BD and HD.
The lovely lady who handles Meridian's sales here in Texas told me that the player will debut at CES and hopefully be out by May. So I'll have to wait to CES to see it.

I want one, but I wish it was a BD player too. I'm still going to use all my wily ways to try and get an early demonstration of it. I really want to see what a company like Meridian can do with a Next Gen format.

I've had a Denon prototype BD player to look at, but I expect truly great things from Meridian.

I take it you use an HDMI switcher for the 861 to play with?
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