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Default Re: HDMI 1.3, Connectivity Issues?

Currently my Bell ExpressVu 9200 HD PVR will not handshake with my HP Pavillion 65" MD6580N.

The has no problems with any other component I connect. Its very frustrating.

In order for the HDMI to work I have to unlpug it and plug it back in for the handshake to be successful.

I have just toasted my second 9200 PVR's HDMI connection due to repeated connecting and disconnecting of the wire.

Bell at least has acknowledged the issue and replaced the first 9200. They will not replace the second one now until they have a solution to the issue. Makes sense since I will just trash it again eventually, but that still leaves me with an $800cdn piece of equipment that I cannot run at its optimum potential.

What I don't understand is how it can be taking so long to resolve. I have had my original 9200 for over a year now and when I first got it they knew of the issue and were working on it with an expected resolution by the fall of 2006.

Apparently this is an issue with the 9200 when connected to most TV's and not just the HP's. Very frustrating.

I really don't get the impression they are working very hard on it.


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