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Default Re: Why do Home Theater seats have drink holders?

Classic Story -

Ben Shyman flew in from NYC for an writer's party. Most everyone on staff was there. Bryan Southard (San Jose) Matt Evert (San Diego) Dr. Zell (La Jollia) Tom Garcia (Santa BArbara) etc... This was years ago.

People were listening to my Watt Puppies including Southard who spooled up "Acchilies Last Stand" from Physical Graphiti. Ben snuck in about 4 minutes into it. Changed the disc to Steely Dan's Aja and put on "Black Cow". Before the second chorus, he fell asleep in my Christian Liagre' sofa resulting in him pouring a "friend pour (like three fingers)" of Glen Farachas (sp) 1968 into the sofa. Someone woke him up to show him he looked like he had peed on the sofa and my girlfriend (now wife) cleaned up the mess. The staff thought it might have been worse to take off Achhilies LAst Stand for Steely Dan than to spill on the sofa. I say wasting that much good scotch might have been worse. My sofa was buzzed for about a week after that!!!
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