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Default Re: Anyone using a USB DAC...

John Stronczer and his ad agency will be happy to see we are getting traffic because of them!!

Note: our forum is 4 months old. Populating it has been laborious to say the least but it has REALLY paid some nice dividends. We looked at buying other forums and they either didn't want to sell or wanted SILLY prices or wouldn't show us their books. With that said - we set out on our own to build which in 4 months has gone from a Google Page Rank 0 to a PR5. Note: the AVS is now a PR5.

Colliano is known for black truffles. I prefer white truffles but wouldn't exactly spit out black ones. Ironically, I do NOT like the taste of mushrooms. Too strong on the back-end for me.

Welcome to our forum and enjoy the NFF (no fighting forum). I am working hard to secure more and more all-star moderators to grow our scope in 2008.
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