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Default Re: Which cables to go with my Bel Canto digital amp?

Hello Kenny,

I wont use Linn amplifier, because I don't plan to buy their pre-amp. Maybe the finals only one day... The Bel Canto has to do all the work for now
According to Mr. Robinson review, the S300iu should be totally neutral, while the av5140 are a bit warm, from Linn tradition. The Rotel CDP is a bit bright, but that's supposed to be pensioned when the HTPC will be ready

I don't want to make the sound more bright.
Do you think I should replace my current speaker cables or not? For sure they are too heavy to do biwiring with them. So if I change i will try to biwire.
Technically, a silver single foil cable is superior to all kind of copper variations, including the Linn cable that has been suggested to me.

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