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Default Re: Is Harmony's new 1000 remote a good alternative to AMX and Crestron?


You are correct, bad example on my part.

I spoke with the head designers and tech guys from Harmony to discuss my problems with the remote, actually more criticisms like not being able to customize the screens and change labels on many buttons. All this could very easily be done with some reworking of their software but alas they have no intention of doing this.

I also asked about the possibility of an RF receiver that will control components via RS 232, and they again have no intention of making it (at least this is the current party line). Too bad as if they did these two things, the Harmony remotes would be over the top the best reasonably priced remotes. Universal Remote Control already has an RF to RS 232 box and several levels of remotes to work with it.

While I still love the Harmony remotes and truly believe there are none easier to program, that simplicity also limits their utility.
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