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Default Which cables to go with my Bel Canto digital amp?

DAC/AMP, directly connected to my HTPC through usb input: Bel Canto S300iu
Loudspeakers: Linn AV5140 (currently with van den hul "the magnum hybrid" in monowiring)

My thoughts:
1) Speaker cables: Replace the VDH with something more transparent but warm. Possible options:
A) Goertz MI AG1 (322$) OR AG2 (812$)
B) Transparent Music Wave biwire (around 500$)
C) ? something else?

I think I shouldn't use a copper-based cable and should go with pure silver foil or the aluminium league of Transparent, which is never a bad choice.

2) Power cable: JPS Digital AC power cord ($300) OR a power surge for all chain ($100-300) No other critical component is present in the chain as mine is a very minimal system, the power conditioning would be also helpful to the HTPC preserving the life of the HDDs.
Undecided between the two options.

What do you say?
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