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Default Re: What is the last AV item you purchased online and where did you hear about it?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Do you really think cables would make up one of our 60 reviews for a year? How would you decide? What price points would you pick?

Seems impossible


For one I'd break down reviews monthly to categories (you don't have to change your layout, just an internal system). I'd have TV, Projector, Source, Amp, Speaker, and Accessories. Wait that's 6 you say! Yeah it is. I'd move up to 72 reviews a year, but as a fan I'd say go all out for 96. There is more than enough gear out there.

Like you guys generally do I'd find some Cables that you think NEED the praise. You'd likely not be reviewing too many a year. Jump around the price points and review cables and interconnects at the same time. Write reviews of your favorites, then the "known," brands like Nordost, Kimber Kable, Transparent. Finally at least once a year find an obscure brand name to hype up like Andrew's Mapleshade brand or Acoustic Zen (another great aggressively priced cable).

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