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Thumbs up Re: What do you think of Sunfire's cinema ribbon speakers?


I just changed my mind.. I was thinking of purchasing tower speakers. I just demoed the CANTON 809DC and a pair of CANTON Ref 5 series speakers, $5K ad $10K/pr respectively. I thought the new CRS-3 speakers when combined with the True Subwoofer sounded as good or better than the CANTONs. By simply dialing in the volume/ frequency I was able to get just the right rumble/crisp base tones whether it was jazz/rock/electronic music.
A sunfire TGP-5 processor/TGA5200 amp was driving the system and the soundstage was improved/at its best w/ the SONIC HOLOGRAPHY enabled.
For about $4500 for L/R/C Subwoofer it would cost over $7500 for a matching CANTON speaker set up.
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