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Default Re: What is the best sub-$5,000 front projector on the market?

Definitely HC5000 is razor sharp, i am typing on my HTPC looking at the 110" Carada Brilliant White (high gain 5" aluminum nonreflective frame for less than $800) .

2 million pixels is pretty decent. The Reon VX in it made me sell my Lumagen scaler.

Now, good news that they street at $2500 now that the HC6000 started selling. Still D6 panels but the auto iris and optics are improved, along with a beefier filter. I cut out some 3M Filtrette and replaced the cheap filter with it to avoid the notorious dust blob issue (oh yeah, the Sanyo Z3 had blowholes for each panel and came with a photographic blowbrush).

Wait until Jan when the Epson EMP-TW2000 with 50,000:1 dynamic contrast and D7 panels blows the MSRPs to pieces on the rest. Translate the review using babelfish and you'll see what they discovered on that Akihabara fishing trip.

Right now the the Sanyo 2000 is a sure bet (butt ugly though, coming from my old Z3)

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