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Default Re: Is Miles Davis - Kind of Blue the best SACD ever

Doesn't that JUST SUCK?

It takes JUST as long to sign an autograph than to say NO. What an asshole.

I got in a BIG argument with Jerry Sinefeld at a private party in Montery hosted by Porsche for their 50th anneversary. Sinefeld, at the time, as a member of the same chapter of the PCA and when I walked out of the party (with a signed poster from a charity event) the head of the chapter called me over and introduced me. The first thing out of Sinefeld's mouth was "I don't want to sign you poster" with a real arrogant tone. As if I wanted Jerry Sinefeld to sign anything. I got Hurley Haywood to sign my poster (part of the charity) who is WAY cooler. The poster hangs in my garage to this day. I think Derek Bell signed it too (Le Mans driver).
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