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Default Re: Anyone using a USB DAC...

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I think I was a bit unclear in my previous posts. I apologize. I ran my computer straight into the Bel Canto integrated via a USB cable, using the integrated's internal dac which I found to be quite good. When playing music ripped in AIFF or lossless I could detect little to no difference via a single USB connection to the integrated than if I spun the disc through one of my reference CD players.
Thank you for the answer, Andrew.

I was asking about the Bel Canto S300iu. The main reason why i'm interested in it -besides the sound- is that it has an integrated DAC with usb input. I cannot afford a separated DAC/upsampler.

I'm sorry, I have mismatched Bel Canto products, its the DAC3 that does upsampling, not the integrated ampli. But my original question still stands.
i try to better formulate my questions, but pardon me that English is no my first language.

Could you try to upsample the music in the computer to 24/96 and tell me if there's a difference? I suspect that there is With mac you need to use Amadeus Pro. I bet there is a noticeable improvement.

My computer source is windows-based but I should be able to do the same, using different drivers and software.

Lastly, what do you think of these mods?
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