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Default Re: Anyone using a USB DAC...

I think I was a bit unclear in my previous posts. I apologize. I ran my computer straight into the Bel Canto integrated via a USB cable, using the integrated's internal dac which I found to be quite good. When playing music ripped in AIFF or lossless I could detect little to no difference via a single USB connection to the integrated than if I spun the disc through one of my reference CD players.

I do not have a dedicated USB dac just ones built into other components like the Bel Canto and Outlaw RR2150. When it comes to traditional upsampling DAC's my favorite and long time reference has always been the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista tube DAC. However, it's been seeing a lot less play time since the Bel Canto and Outlaw products arrived.

Sorry for the confusion. I'll try and be more clear next time.
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