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Default Re: Anyone using a USB DAC...

Everybody think of laptops for the use of usb-enabled DACs, but I strongly believe that a dedicated custom-built mediacenter pc is a better choice and costing no more than a modern laptop.

faster. For the same bucks desktops costs half of their laptop counterparts. You can get a faster machine for the same money.
better looking: there are great looking cases for htpc. check out a-tech fabrication
quieter: with the right components and noise dampening materials

Disadvantages: not a ready-to-go solution, altough there are barebones available. Audiophiles rarely are also computer savvy people (I am )

BTW, Andrew i have a question for you: did you try to upsample on the computer before sending the source to the S300iu?
I have read other reviews here and somewhere else about cheaper usb DACs, that dont do upsampling and it seems that upsampling done within the computer is superior. I wonder about the Bel Canto (that wants me to buy it).
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