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Default Re: Amazing Music Trivia

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I have often used the line "my car automatically makes a U-turn at Mullholland" which suggests I don't really go to the San Fernando Valley.
The joke of west of Lincoln in terms of LA geogrpahy is two fold in that Lincoln is PRETTY DAMN close to the ocean meaning you really NEVER leave Santa Monica. Secondly Lincoln runs north south thus is really doesn't make sense to be "west" of Lincoln
I'm stealing the "U-turn" line, that's great!

It's BECAUSE Lincoln runs N-S that you can be either east or west of it.

And you're right about being pretty damn close to the ocean -- Lincoln would otherwise be called 8th Street, so in Santa Monica it is on the furthest-west 8 blocks you can go before your feet get wet! (Plus a slightly larger slice of Venice-Marina del Rey-Playa del Rey as you go south.)

Which means, West of Lincolners are even rejecting the rest of Santa Monica as being unworthy.
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