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Default Re: Amazing Music Trivia

If we are talking inside LA snobby speak here - I think there are two levels.

a) the difference between the westside of LA and the Valley. I have often used the line "my car automatically makes a U-turn at Mullholland" which suggests I don't really go to the San Fernando Valley. That of course isn't true but the Valley ISN'T as nice as the west side (Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Pacific Palasades and Santa Monica).

b) there is a HUGE cultural difference between the westside of LA and the east side. The east side includes Hollywood, Silverlake etc... Its where Beck hangs out and there are a lot more artist/Bohemian people. The westside is WAY more polished. Way more "neuveau riche" etc... Both sides are worth making fun of.

The joke of west of Lincoln in terms of LA geogrpahy is two fold in that Lincoln is PRETTY DAMN close to the ocean meaning you really NEVER leave Santa Monica. Secondly Lincoln runs north south thus is really doesn't make sense to be "west" of lincoln
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