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Default Re: Amazing Music Trivia

The only Republican reference I would make would be that I'm far left of Lincoln. And that modern Repubs should be emulating him, not Ronnie Raygun.

Yes, "West of Lincoln" is an insider joke. I cracked up the first time I saw it on a t-shirt, because it's so toungue-in-cheek elitist.

There's a snotty (wow -- any day you get to write the word snotty for publication twice, is a good day) credo that westside Angelenos offer as a jest when ducking out of some event (but they really mean it) -- "Oh, sorry, I just don't go (or, really snotty, 'do') west of the 405," the 405 being the San Diego freeway that runs along the west side of LA, separating Santa Monica-Malibu-Pacific Palisades-Brentwood-West LA from the unwashed rest of LA. It's all the more elitist because that also separates one from Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hanc ock Park, and other toney areas.

When you go as far as "West of Lincoln," you also snub Brentwood-West LA, even Malibu-Palisades. Even Mandeville Canyon. Now, that's elitist.

But there are those of us who really wouldn't want to live anywhere in Lost Angeles but "West of Lincoln."
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