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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Another band that I LOVE in this Genre are the Arctic Monkeys. Check out "Whatever they say I am I'm Not", this album is amazing and likely one of the best pieces of new music I have heard in years!
People sure are split on the Arc Monks.

I tried and tried to love them, played that first disc over and over, and while I think it's excellent rocknroll I don't think it's that special. The huge hype, coming from their huge sales in UK (biggest-selling debut album ever), also spoils it for me.

I took in half their set at the Austin City Limits music festival recently, open to having my mind changed, but remained unimpressed. And I didn't much care for their air of snotty superiority, either.

Brit taste is so odd sometimes, contrasted with Yank. You part Brit, Ken? I s'pose you love Oasis, too?

I finally caught the Hives at a small venue in Hollywood two nights ago. Now there's a band that f-in' ROCKS! Hardest working band in show business (well, 3/5ths of them). 100-minute set, not one slow song. Their world's-greatest-band schtick is pretty entertaining. Swedes -- who knew?

Speaking of Swedes, and another guilty pleasure (I know, different thread) -- I always loved Blue Swede's ooga-ooga remake of BJ Thomas' "Hooked On a Feeling," and I just now came across a video on YouTube of David Hasselhoff doing it 'round the world -- it's hilarious.

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