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Default Re: 90,000 Low-Cost HD DVD players Sold in One Weekend

The only thing the fire sale by Toshiba will do is prolong this format war. We did not see the same savings in Canada.

On another note, here in Vancouver, the big chain movie rental stores are just getting into offering High Def videos. Their offerings for BR out number HDDVD 2 to one. More important to the cause is not which player can be had at the cheapest cost but which format the Big Movie Rental Chains are going to promote. People have no issue putting the money out for a player, its a fraction of the cost of a new HDTV, what they do not want to get stuck with is media that will go the way of the DODO bird (8 track, Beta, ADVD etc). So conscious consumers will rent their favorite movies before buying into one format or the other.

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